How Does Quiz Help In Creating Leads

Generate Leads

Many people will not be aware of the fact that conducting a quiz in the social networking websites is a way to improve the marketing of the company. Some people might think that the questions in the quiz are stupid, but each will have a reason. In fact, using a quiz will be a very good way of inducing interest about the product and company. For example, if the mother’s day is nearing and a cosmetic company places a quiz asking about the cosmetic that customers or leads love to gift their moms. This quiz will be answered by many, and finally some people will fill the lead forms or subscribe to the company’s service.

Even a person who does not have an idea of buying the cosmetic will think of the purchase if he is attracted by the quiz. If a person has the idea of gifting, then he will choose the particular company if he is impressed by the company’s quiz. Using the quiz is an interactive way to attract the people towards the product is important. This is the prime reason many people love to answer the quiz. This is a very good way to make the visitor stay on the website for a long time.

In fact, it will make them answer the questions for a long time even more than the time the customer might have planned. Many people will confuse between surveys and quiz as they look similar and will require the visitor to answer a series of questions based on a topic.

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